Irish traditional music

Me playing the fiddle
I play traditional music, mostly on the fiddle. I am quite a purist as far as traditional music is concerned; I like the good old stuff, preferably played by octuagenary dwellers of the West coast of Ireland. Joe Cooley’s Cooley is probably my favourite album ever, I began to like it even before playing it, as soon as I smell the rust and sweat in Ciarán Carson’s Last Night’s Fun. I also like Tommy Potts, Paddy Canny and the likes of them. Then again, I am not going to complain about that young Martin Hayes guy, nor about those yanks as Liz Carrol; and would I ever criticise the Planxty? You bet I wouldn’t. But that goes without saying.

Of course traditional music is a place for the mind, to be enjoyed exclusively in the cosy athmosphere of pub sessions. But then there aren’t many of those sessions to be found around the Verona area, so I find fun and diversion with Cnó, a band that I started with a friend of mine in 1999.

My band, Cnó

It was a duo at the time; now it’s four of us. The repertoire has changed, we even have a proper uillean piper now, but the spiriti is the same. We play for the fun of it. No purism here; as I see it, traditional music belongs to session, as soon as you plug into an amplifier and walk up a stage, that’s something different.

Have a look at our website, And if you like to have four crazy Italians playing Irish music at your local pub, you’re welcome to give us a nudge.