Web Design and Development

Consistency, usability, clarity, these are my keyword when designing websites. Passing the message directly, and making decoration an integral part of the message.

I employ tested and reliable frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and WordPress, customising them to suit the specific needs of each project.

WordPress was born as a blogging engine, but is currently hused a a multi-purpose cms website. Wordpress websites can be used to manage personal home pages, news websites and even product catalogues. I have also created a couple of WordPress plugins. Events Manager and Plugins List, freely downloadable in the blog section of this website.
Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework allowing the creation of complex web applications and portals. Ruby on Rails applications can be fully customised, in every aspect of the design and of the user interface. A Ruby on Rails website is tailored around your own needs.
I can help you with translating your website into Italian. Through the use of gettext and other tecnologies, I can make you webiste bilingual. This very website is a good example of localisation. Give it a try, clicking the Italian flag. If you need translation into other languages, I can deal with the technical part, and pass the translation to other qualified translators.

I can help you with small and mid-sized projects. If your project is huge, I can help with consulting!

Any question? Just ask!

And don’t forget to have a look at my portfolio.


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