Davide Benini - iOS Portfolio

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Menu Plan (2021)

Meal Planner and recipe manager


Menu Plan is a new app to make meal planning as easy as it gets. Add your recipes, put them on the calendar, go shopping for food. Share your data with other users.
Available for iPhone and iPad.
Available in English, Brazilian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Skills: UI Design, Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, Core Data, CloudKit, Core, WidgetKit, text and JSON processing - Custom Ruby On Rails backend - Amazon Alexa

Read Me Aloud (2023)

Collection of kids tales with speech recognition


Read Me Aloud guides young readers, validating their efforts and reinforcing their confidence.
The text is segmented into short sentences; the current sentence is highlighted. While the child reads, words are colored, one by one.
Available for iPad, in English and Italian.

Skills: UI Design, Swift, SwiftUI, Networking and sync, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, Text Processing - Custom Ruby On Rails backend with API and image rendering

My Tunes (Spring 2023)

Scores Collection Manager

My tunes is a score manager targeted at players of traditional music using the ABC notation format.
My tunes hosts a collection of tunes, can edit and import new tunes from ABC sources.
My Tunes generate music scores and audio playback.

Skills: UI Design, Swift, SwiftUI, Core Data, Networking, SQLite, Javascript, WKWebView, Parsing

Selected third-party projects

ELISAcare (2022)

Connected device frontend

Front end for a connected device for assistance to elderly people.

Skills: Swift, UIKit, networking, IoT, Realm

Banco Popolare (2020-2021)

Home Banking app

Together with the Mobile Team at Ferlini SRL, I worked on accessibility and UI tests for the new Banco Popolare app.
We made sure the app was fully accessibile by the visualy impaired, adding accessibility layers to custom components
We implemented a full suite of automatic tests to validate the app features.

Skills: Swift, UIKit, UI testing, accessibility

Hoover Wizard (2014-2023)

Home Automation

Together with the Mobile Team at NTNext, we developed the offical Hoover Group app for controlling appliances remotely.
Available for both the iPhone and the iPad, Hoover Wizard was the first app to control a full range of connected appliances on the market.

Skills: Objective-C, UIKit, Front end animations, architecture

Unstuck (2013)

Interactive coaching/brainstorming tool

Unstuck was developed to help professionals overcom their obstacles.
It featured rich animation and a completely custom UI.

Skills: Objective-C, UIKit, Front end animations, architecture

Clibe (2012)

Interactive Journal

Clibe was the among the first apps to replicate the journal format on the iPad.
It featured a drawing, and image editor, on-device rendering of pages and custom animations.

Skills: Objective-C, UIKit, Front end animations, architecture