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Plugins List: credit where credit’s due

This is a simple WordPress plug-in aimed at giving credit where credit is due.

I am talking about those wonderful plug-in creators who make our life easier, allowing us to do wonderful things without any knowledge of php. After completing my website I felt I had to thanks those people and quote them somewhere. This plug-in lists all the plugins you are using. The plugin can inserts a simple html list into any post/page.

Plugins List allows to insert a simple list of your plugins into you posts and pages through a shortcode. If you’re into customisation, you can specify a format argument and indicate the exact data you are after. There’s also an option to display also inactive plugins.

My thanks to Matej Nastran‘s My plugins, from which Plugins list was initially derived.


Click here to download Plugins List.


Upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins folder and activate it.


At the simplest, you can use plugins list this way:


You can customise the output specifying the format argument. Here’s an example:

[plugins_list format="<tr><td>#LinkedTitle#</td><td>#LinkedAuthor#</td></tr>"]

The placeholders are: #Title#, #PluginURI#, #Author#" ,#AuthorURI#, #Version#, #Description#, #LinkedTitle#, #LinkedAuthor#. I guess their meaning is self evident.

If, for some obscure reason (I cannot think of any), you want to list also the plug-ins you have installed but are not using, here’s the formula:

[plugins_list show_inactive='true']

The plugins list can be freely styled with css, just place any class or id attribute on the format string, or on the elements surrounding it.


For a demo of Plugins list, check my credits page.


This plug-in is free. You can use its code for whatever purpose comes to your mind, as long as you respect the GPL license.


The plugin is currently released ‘as-is’, but feel free to signal any problem commenting this page. I’ll be happy to do my best to solve it.

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378 responses to “Plugins List: credit where credit’s due”

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  8. Davecat says:

    My friend and I tried several times to get the plugin to work. We added the .php file, uploaded it to the appropriate folder, activated it, dropped in the code you mentioned, and it failed to work at least eight times between us. Then I stumbled onto the problem: you have it written as

    [plugin list]

    where it should be written as

    [pluginS list]

    Problem solved!

  9. Davide says:

    Davecat, thanks a million for signalling the typo! I bet lots of users had encountered it. I have changed the post accordingly. Thanks again, Davide

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  11. youkeyboardj says:

    I’d surprise were called We had returned I remember and dream. it’s name huge tree having and saw it’s name now

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  22. baron says:

    hi. Thanks for plugin



  23. Davide says:

    You’re very welcome, Davide

  24. says:

    Plugins list…

    This is a simple WordPress plug-in aimed at giving credit where credit is due. Plugins list is directly derived from My plugins, a plug-in by Matej Nastran which produces a table of installed plug-ins. I made this plug-in because I was after a simple l…

  25. ovidiu says:

    you have a big error on the installation page:

    your example there is missing an “s”

    it says [ plugin list ] instead of [ plugins list ]

  26. Davide says:

    Thanks for calling my attention to that!
    I had corrected this page and forgotten the readme.txt was wrong. I am committing the changes to the repository, the installation instructions should be fixed within some minutes. Thanks again!

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  31. Davecat says:

    Any chance you’ll be updating this for WordPress 2.7?

  32. Davide says:

    HI Davecat, and thanks for dropping the comment. I hadn’t noticed there were problems with WP 2.7, now I see that links are not working. Anyway, I’ll try to fix this soon, for I am going back into WP development in a few days, to upgrade my events plugin.

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  34. Davide says:

    The plugin has been upgraded to 0.2.2, and it’s now compatible with WordPress 2.7.

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  36. Davecat says:

    Well done, sir! :-)

  37. Davide says:

    My honour :)

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  41. Infinity says:

    thanks for the plugin, IMO you can never have too many plug-ins 😉

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  44. Davide says:

    Version 1.0 is out, give it a look!


  45. Valentin says:

    What are the changes? Thank for plugin :)

  46. CGHill says:

    I’ve just updated to 1.0, and the shortcode doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  47. Davide says:

    For those updating:
    Make sure to add an underscore. It was [plugins list], now it is [plugins_list].

    You can now specify your own pattern, and decide which info to show. Take a look at the usage section. Of course if you’re happy with the plugin, you can just leave the default format, but make sure to add an underscore.


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  50. CGHill says:

    Just so, and thanks for the heads-up. :)

  51. C. says:


    thanks for the plugin – makes things way easier. One thing … I am using #LinkedTitle# and #LinkedAuthor# (and nothing else) but the output does include the version number:

    […] Plugins list (v. 1.0) by Davide Benini. […]

    I’d prefer version numbers to not show up unless I specify they should. Any way to change that easily?

    Thanks, -C.

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  57. Gaby says:

    This is such a useful plugin. I nearly didn’t use it because the code was invalid (some of the attributes had characters that broke it – you may want to look into that), but then I saw the format option which was perfect 😀 Thank you very much for making this!

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  61. Dave says:


    Thanks for a great plugin. I was looking for ages. Of course if you search for ‘list plugins for wordpress’ you get thousands of articles about peoples favourite plugins rather than finding yours.

    Maybe a name change to ‘Colophon for WordPress’ or something distinctive?

    I did play with the code to also list inactive plugins but it seems to list all of them again (see I figure it maybe to do with cruft in my database so don’t worry too much.

    All the best


  62. Don says:

    I thought I wasnt going to like this blog but more I read the more I liked it.

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  64. Steven Vachon says:

    Great plugin. However, I’m running into a bug that’s really…. bugging me. I’ve posted it on the WordPress plugin page.


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  77. [Note] Liste des plugins de ce blog | Hugues Valentin says:

    […] rien de bien important, mais le plugin Plugins List est fait pour lister tous les plugins que vous utilisez sur votre blog […]

  78. Valentin says:

    Hey ! I would like exclude some plugin in my list. How to ?

    Thanks !

  79. Bart says:

    Great plugin – I have installed it on three sites thus far, but only once with total success.

    It runs perfectly on Top stuff!

    It runs the agenda on – the only bug being that in order to add details about each event you have to go into phpmyadmin and fill in the appropriate fields ~ as the ‘details’ section does not appear to work.

    It won’t even install however on my latest project, which is hosted on an IIS server. Instead I get a parsing error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in D:\…\wp-content\plugins\events-manager\dbem_events.php on line 2358

    I’m willing to pay for a solution if anyone has any ideas.

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Am lost and remorse for the deed, Lee learned that the police several times to contact and help recover all contract documents, the original excited, because the body of the construction of the 10th National Games, Lee had lived in a house was demolished, they Loans Bought a new house Jiangdong North Road, because busy decorating, so inadvertently purchase contract and the relevant procedures, together with the certificate identity is lost in a taxi together. Since there was no request an invoice, transport them to the station broadcasting to the newspaper newspaper looking for a few days to no avail, thanks to the tireless police find the owner, they can get back all of the contract documents. Another hearing about the day before yesterday 13:00, Fujian Ning Lee made a couple of stone business, ready to be saved up 12,300 yuan of money to send home, then went to a bank in Nanjing, south of tea do remittance procedures, because they can not to work Time Meiban Cheng, the two have stopped driving brother Yang Su AB32XX taxi back to the residence. Just got home, they will find that there are 12,300 yuan and put four bank credit card packages lost in a taxi back seat shortly after the couple off Lee, there is a young man on the Youngs brothers car . Yang from the rearview mirror to see young men from his seat to pick up a bag on his body, the brother immediately pulled over to the side of the road, to the young men and said: This package is lost in front of a passenger, Do not take away. Immediately, Yangs brother sent the package Gwanghwamun bus security branch police station. 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He said that if the other partys attitude can not resolve the matter to his satisfaction, he might consider abandoning cooperation with the 58s with the urban network. 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(Note: The specific written approval of shop selection is subject to Corporation) pioneered womens consumption trend in recent years, along with Korean, Korean cuisine popular in China, the country blew up a not small to Korean wave of the wind, especially in South Korea to send clothing fashionable men and women much welcome in the streets, schools are seen to South Korea to send clothing, feeling the wide loosely, free-spirited clothing to become South Koreas main Features, eoto clothing factory shop and Chinese fashion young generation personalize extremely consistent manner favored by everyone! but with Chinese clothing (3.31,0.00,0.00%) companies to imitate, Korean label affixed fake Korean, imitation Korean and cheap, occupied most of the Korean market, making South Korea to send clothing advantage gradually disappeared, resulting in most of the South Korean clothing store business is very depressed. Chinese clothing for 30 years: from Scoop to tide confident fashion, this 30 years ago may also be new people can not read the word, has now become a new earth lifestyle and business practices through a lot of ground to penetrate into every aspect of peoples lives along! Chinas rapid economic development and landERMENEGILDO ZEGNA 2012 spring and summer series, At this time, we only see the driver was tall and strong, and wearing a black jacket, old wounds seem to have a scar on his forehead police anger, shouted sternly: ?! People know that you are not killed with the point., Spring choke a small chili sweet sleeveless woolen vest dress two-piece dress red bow dress like more spring choke a small chili sweet sleeveless woolen vest dress two-piece dress red bow dress, go to if Im in love If Im in love, Mr. Company CEODovcharney said the company is likely to not meet the minimum requirements of pre-tax income before September 30. 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Cumulative volume of retail sales grew by 12.9%, 7.5 percentage points higher than last year, 1.7 percentage points higher than the 2008 year in July, hundreds of large retailers nationwide retail sales of clothing increased by 22.1 percent year on year growth rate than in previous years progressed 6.5 percentage points, compared with June, the growth rate was 9.6 percentage points landed with basic flat year on year growth recently in March, April, according to reporters after emerging media, fashion shops scatter plot re-take the Changle Road, a large number of invention shop no longer exists. The picture shows part of the, 1 \ quality fabrics \ excellent crop lines will determine the tie appearance, poor sewing fabric or lining will not let the tie has a balanced beauty. Heres a little trick, then put on trousers in natural breathing, just to put one hand, then, congratulations, appropriate. 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